Grupo Quirón Brochure


Editorial Design


Aymerich Comunicació,


Minimalism and cleanliness for the leading hospital group in Spain

With more than 45 hospitals in the main cities of the country, Grupo Quirón is the leading hospital group in Spain. During the last 10 years, Grupo Quirón has bought a high number of clinics and hospitals around the country. In this process, its image got confusing and distorted. To improve it, they worked in a rebranding with the goal to reinforce its positioning and be recognized again for its personal treatment and familiarity

After this rebranding, we were asked to redesign the corporative brochure which features practical info on all their services.

We employed the geometrical and organic shapes of the logo and its 2 corporative colors as a graphic resource to strengthen the new identity, create consistency and boost the new message.

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