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Dr. Javier Ruiz,


When physical contact is not an option

Dr. Javier Ruiz is an andrologist resident in Barcelona. He is always focused on the most human side of his job and what wellbeing means to his patients. One day, he came with an idea: when physical contact is not an option, with a 4D ultrasound and picture printing, it makes it possible for the visual impaired to get to know their babies before being born or family and friends once they have died. And that’s how Factions became a startup looking for financial resources, a website and a CI.

The concept behind is the (re)construction of the faces through the focus and plot to make the factions visible, establishing a parallelism with the idea of the final product of the company. The sizes of the fonts are pretty big to be able to read for all these persons who have a reduced vision and Braille is overlapping the ink in all the possible cases, such as the business card. The digital pieces have the possibility to increase or reduce the font size, a big contrast and they are programmed in an accessible way.

Factions_iPad Factions_iPhoneFactions_BussinessCard_All Factions_Business_Card_V02 Factions_Letter Factions_Letter_Envelope

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